Dedication Opportunities

It is no coincidence that the root word for chinuch, education, is the same as the root for chanukah, dedication. When a family gives their child a Jewish education, they are dedicating the child to Torah learning and the service of Hashem. As we enter our new home at 511 Ryders Lane, East Brunswick, we will dedicate each space to the vital purpose of educating the next generation. Please consider making a dedication in honor or memory of a loved one at this auspicious time.

Name of Campus: $500,000
Lobby – Reception Area: $100,000

Front Office: $18,000
Office of the Head of School: $18,000
Business Office: $18,000

Infant Room – Tamar: $26,000
Pre-Primary (Toddler) Room – Zayit: $36,000
Primary (3-6) Room – Rimon: $52,000
Primary (3-6) Room – T’eina: $52,000
Lower Elementary Room – Eshkol: $72,000
Lower Elementary Room – Zmora: $72,000
Upper Elementary Room – Se’orah: $72,000
Middle School Room – Chita: $72,000

Special Purpose Rooms
Beit Midrash: $100,000
Science Lab: $52,000
Lounge: $18,000
Conference Room: $18,000
Gym: $100,000
Stage: $36,000
Playground: $72,000

On the Doorposts
Each Mezuza (30): $1,800