Affiliate Programs

Thank you for supporting Yeshivat Netivot Montessori. The links below provide a way for you to support Netivot at no cost to you. Just use the internet as you already do. Use the links below to search the internet or shop at more than 1300 vendors and Netivot will receive a contribution. You need to use the links below so that Netivot is given credit for your activity


Click here to go to Amazon’s website and Netivot receives credit for the purchase.

Click here to buy shoes and accessories at, an Amazon company. Endless pays a 15% commission to Netivot!

Click here to add a Netivot-Amazon Search Plugin to your browser

The amount Amazon gives to Netivot depends on how many purchases are made using Netivot’s affiliate program. The range is 4% – 15% but only on purchases made using Netivot’s referral code (as supplied by this page). You can find details here


Good Search is a search engine (powered by Yahoo) that shares 50% of its revenue with non-profits. Approximately 1 cent is generated for every search done using Netivot’s referral code (as supplied by this page) You can find details here.

See how much Netivot has earned so far. Click Here.

New Video Tutorials

Raise money for Netivot in a more convenient fashion by making GoodSearch part of your web browser. Check out these videos to understand how this is done.

Internet Explorer Browser – GoodSearch Plugin

Mozilla Firefox Browser – GoodSearch Plugin

Google Chrome Browser – GoodSearch as Default Search Engine 


Good Shop is a sister site of Good Search where more than 1300 vendors pledge a percentage of sales to Netivot when the purchase is made using Netivot’s referral code (as supplied by this page). No registration is necessary. Please take some time to peruse the categories of providers as these purchases can add up quickly and you likely shop at these vendors already. You can find details here.

Click Here to see how much Netivot has earned so far.

Click Here to subscribe to GoodShop’s Deal of the Day coupons.[/wptabcontent][/wptabs]