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Dedication Opportunities

It is no coincidence that the root word for chinuch, education, is the same as the root for chanukah, dedication. When a family gives their child a Jewish education, they are dedicating the child to Torah learning and the service of Hashem.  In this spirit, Netivot has established a number of dedication opportunities to the vital purpose of educating the next generation. Please consider making a dedication in honor or memory of a loved one at this auspicious time.


Classroom Door Mezuza: $1,800
Front Door Mezuza: $10,000
Office of the Head of School: $36,000
Reception Desk: $25,000
Administrative Office: $18,000
Conference Room: $18,000
Infant Room - Dvash: $26,000
Pre-Primary (Toddler) Room – Tamar: $36,000
Pre-Primary (Toddler) Room – Zayit: $36,000
Primary (3-6) Room – Rimon: $54,000
Primary (3-6) Room – T’eina: $54,000
Lower Elementary Room – Eshkol: $72,000
Lower Elementary Room – Zmora: $72,000
Upper Elementary Room – Se’orah: $72,000
Middle School Room – Chita: $72,000

Science LabSpecial Purpose Rooms
Gym: $180,000
Science Lab: 72,000
Playground: $72,000
Stage: $18,000

Shamash - Sponsor a Teacher or Administrator
Middle School Teacher: $18,000
Curriculum Director: $18,000
School Psychologist: $18,000
Elementary Teacher: $15,000
Early Childhood Teacher: $10,000

Sponsor a Student
Early Childhood Student: $5,000
Lower/Upper Elementary Student: $7,500
Middle School Student: $10,000

Help Pave the Way
Netivot Scout: $18,000
Netivot Pathfinder: $36,000
Netivot Trailblazer: $54,000

Training Center
Training Center Dedication: $100,000
Trainee Scholarship: $15,000
Field Consultant Travel:  $10,000

5778/2017-2018 Annual Campaign

5778/2017-2018 Annual Campaign Monthly Donation

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