[School] Netivot Newsletter Rosh Hashanah 5774

[School] Netivot Newsletter Rosh Hashanah 5774 Weekly Newsletter Snack Families: Spivack, Bialik (P, LE, UE), Setton. For information on quantities, allergies, etc. see the Parents section of the website. The year’s snack schedule will be posted shortly. For the family directory and school email addresses, please see the Parents section of the website. Thank you to Esther Dayon and the PTA for a beautiful PTA ans Pastries event! Infants Pre-Primary In Pre-Primary, students were so happy to see old friends and make new ones. We have already gotten involved in the classroom works, and this week we talked a lot about Rosh Hashana. Students enjoyed the object-to-picture matching work with a shofar, rimon, and apples with honey. They also did card-to-card matching with a machzor, shofar, lulav, etrog, and apples with honey. The children are eager to hear the shofar and eat special foods on Rosh Hashana. During circle time, we have been singing Dip the Apple (to the tune of Oh, My Darlin’ Clementine): Dip the apple in the honey. Say a bracha loud and clear. L’shana tovah umetukah Have a happy, sweet new year. Primary The past week has been a whirlwind of activity in the Rimon classroom. We have enjoyed welcoming new and old friends, and it is wonderful to see all the children adapting to our new classroom. Although there have only been a few days of class, the Primary students were still able to learn a lot about Rosh Hashanayh! There are works related to the chag all around our classroom, including Shofar-pin-punching on the art shelf, transferring apples with tongs in practical life, a Rosh Hashanah themed sets basket in math, and simanim and other Rosh Hashanah objects to sort and label in our Hebrew and Judaics area. We listened to a real shofar and learned about the different sounds that are blown on Rosh Hashanah. One of the reasons we blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanah is to wake up our neshamot to do lots of mitzvot so we will feel even closer to Hashem. Another reason that we discussed is that Rosh Hashanah is the anniversary of the day Hashem created the world, and therefore it is when Hashem became king. Just as there is royal fanfare with trumpets at the coronation of a human king, when we blow the shofar, we say “Hashem is our King!” We hope you enjoy using the honey jars that your children have made. The friends had fun putting yellow and black tape around the jars to make them look like bees. Then, they pushed pipe cleaners into the heads and curled them to look like antennae. The children can’t wait to see them on your tables! (Jars have been toiveled and fully washed.) Next Monday and Tuesday we will be using NON-washable acrylic paint for a Sukkot project. While we will use smocks, we suggest that children wear clothing that can get dirty. Wishing you a healthy and happy new year, k’tiva va’hatima tova! Lower Elementary We are preparing to usher in the New Year in Lower Elementary. We learned about the names of Rosh Hashana, the sounds and symbolism of the shofar, the three steps in teshuva, and the importance of tefillah and tzedaka. We hope the beautiful tzedakah boxes the students made will inspire them to perform this mitzvah. We also baked round, sweet challah and apples and honey especially for the New Year! After a lesson about the effect of the balance of the mitzvot and aveirot of tzadikim, reshaim, and benonim (righteous people, wicked people and those in between), students followed up with the moznayim (scale) work, thinking of actions that would tip the scales. Other students concentrated on a work that illustrates teshuvah, tefillah, and tzedakah through pictures and explanations. To celebrate the birth of the world, Ms. Mara shared the scientific story of how all of the elements of the universe came together to form our sun, the earth and everything that we know, while Ms. Sarah performed experiments to complement the lesson. Wishing you all shana tova! Housekeeping: We have put together a snack rotation list to provide variety and to take the guess work out of shopping. Please visit the parents section of the website for each week’s listing. Please be sure to send inside shoes so that we can all be comfortable and keep our classroom as clean as possible. Upper Elementary We have packed in as much Rosh Hashana learning as we could this week about the shofar, names of the hag, and simanim. The children enjoyed a Yud Gimmel Middot “Rummikub” game in which the numbers are replaced by the attributes of Hashem’s mercy, and players have to accumulate sets. In a malchiot, zichronot, and shofrot work, students correctly grouped the p’sukim from the sections of the musaf amidah. We performed a mock hatarat nedarim (anullment of vows) with different students acting as judges and supplicants. Finally, to sweeten their hag, students made date cookies to enjoy at home. We began our cultural curriculum with a lesson on the history of horns, timed perfectly to coordinated with the introduction of the shofar. In addition, we introduced our biology studies for this year with a lesson on the Five Kingdoms of Life. The students are clamoring for individual lessons in these interesting subjects. We look forward to exploring with them this year. Shana tova! Middle School In preparation for Rosh Hashanah the students learned the mishnayot about the different parts of the Mussaf amidah and color-coded the p’sukim that comprise the different sections in thier own machzorim. They learned halachot and minhagim from Sefer Ha’Toda’ah (The Book of our Heritage), and they also did an exercise in introspection in preparation for tashlich. Lastly, they did a creative work in which they created their own postcard, comic strip or stamp having to do with Rosh Hashanah. This week, we also kicked off our sandwich business. The students brainstormed ideas for sandwiches and came up with some great ideas. Then they split into groups to work on marketing, pricing and a web page. On Fridays, after the hagim, students will be able to get hot, fresh sandwiches that are delicious and nutritious. All proceeds will go to support our class activities. Please support the MS business, Nicely Sliced, by ordering from our website at ms.mynetivot.com. Middle School students will be having their own tashlich with Rav Shlomo at 5pm on the first day of Rosh Hashanah. They will be meeting in front of Rav Shlomo’s house, 224 North 4th Ave. Upcoming Dates Wednesday- Friday, September 3-5: Erev/Rosh Hashanah – No school. Tuesday, September 10: Back to School Night. Lower Elementary and Middle School 7:30. Upper Elementary 8:15. Friday, September 13: Erev Yom Kippur – No school. Wednesday-Friday, September 18-27: Sukkot vacation – No school. Unsubscribe ( http://mynetivot.com/?email_id=42&user_id=220&urlpassed=W3Vuc3Vic2NyaWJlX2xpbmtd&controller=stats&hash=ad5fd7cd9b367430154e0583b617d6f2&action=analyse&wysija-page=1&wysijap=subscriptions ) – Edit your subscription ( http://mynetivot.com/?email_id=42&user_id=220&urlpassed=W3N1YnNjcmlwdGlvbnNfbGlua10%3D&controller=stats&hash=1374cf583de751a293fd10622f375d61&action=analyse&wysija-page=1&wysijap=subscriptions ) Yeshivat Netivot Montessori 91 Jefferson Blvd Edison NJ 08817