[School] Netivot Newsletter 8-30-13 – Shabbat Shalom!



The year has gotten off to a great start! From Infants through Middle School, happy faces beamed in every classroom.


Pe-Primary friends dove right into their work.


The Primary classroom was abuzz with activity.


Lower Elementary students reunited with old friends and met some new ones.

Upper Elementary joined together for a beautiful davening, and Middle School had their first minyan – on the patio.

Don’t Forget!

Back to School Night for Early Childhood is Monday night. Pre-Primary-7:30. Primary-8:15.

Back to School Night for Elementary and Middle School is Tues. Sept 10.

Lower Elementary & Middle School-7:30. Upper Elementary-8:15.


Hakarat Hatov

Thank you to….

Andrew Cunningham for creating a gateway between our two Lower Elementary anafim.

Nicole Dietz, Galia Fisher, and Lisa Geller for being very accommodating lice checkers.

Yakov Eisenberg, Yair Bar, Avi Bodzin, Yossi Dietz, Zach Setton for schlepping during work week.

Rhea Zucker for coordinating the PTA’s new family gifts and Galia Fisher for coordinating the  PTA’s brand new family gifts.

Sandy Bodzin, Harry Chefitz, David Setton, Steven Lipstein, and Yakov Winkler for making it possible to open the year with a Netivot minyan on the first day of school.

Of course, our teachers for working so hard to get the year off to a fantastic start. 


 Shabbat Shalom!

Calendar change: The annual Netivot Hanukkah party will be on Monday, December 2.