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Details below about the purpose of the fund and about Emile.
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The Inspiring Curiosity Fund

In 2014, Netivot was excited to move into their current location, which for the first time in Netivot history, included space for a library. Over the past few years they have been filling the space with resources. As the school continues to grow, they are thrilled to utilize the area to its fullest potential through the generosity of Emile’s family and friends.

This fund will help with library improvements, which will include:

  • Refurbishing walls.
  • Upgrading furniture.
  • Purchasing Hebrew language and other texts.
  • Organization and cataloging books.

 About Emile

The youngest of three boys, Emile Pincus, OBM, (1948 -2015) was born and raised in New York City. He graduated from Hunter College, then attended the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital, where he specialized in psychiatry. He also completed a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical Center. During his career, he worked in hospitals and maintained a private practice. His name appeared annually on the Castle Connolly list of Top Doctors in the NY Metro Area. In 1981 he married the love of his life Helen Weiss and they had 3 irrepressible children, David (& Michelle), Caroline (& Alec), and Joseph, who are well remembered by their day school teachers. They lived in NYC until 1995, then moved to Teaneck, NJ, where they instantly felt welcomed by the multi-faceted Jewish community. Emile had a reverence for knowledge, inherited from his parents, Else and Joseph, and intensified by his elementary school education at the academically rigorous Horace Mann School. He enjoyed studying literature, languages, baseball statistics, psychiatry, geography, Hebrew texts and more. He was fluent in Hebrew, Spanish and Italian.

The family’s home was filled with overflowing bookcases in almost every room. He was always eager to read to and to instill this love of knowledge in his children, grandchildren and whomever else was around. Whatever topic interested or inspired guests, Emile would engage and learn with them as long as possible – usually until long after dessert was served. During Shabbat meals a stack of books would invariably accumulate at the table as he referenced assorted texts based on the topic of the moment – which could range from the weekly parsha to a wine bottle label.  This project honors Emile’s memory and will remind his grandchildren of the value he placed on reading, intellectual pursuits and curiosity. This echoes the Netivot educational philosophy; we pride ourselves on encouraging the interests and inspirations of every child. Visiting his grandchildren Naftali (Upper El), Yehuda (Lower El), Shira (Primary), and Eitan (Primary) at the school was deeply meaningful to Emile. He reveled in the open classrooms, the intensity with which the children pursued their interests, the seamless integration of Judaic and secular subjects and their pride in sharing everything they were learning. To know that they were benefiting from this unique yeshiva education was a source of tremendous satisfaction and pride.

Dedication Plaque

A plaque will placed in the library near the Hebrew language section and will read:

Dedicated by Helen Pincus, and her family and friends, in loving memory of Emile Irving Pincus, Avraham Yitzchak ben Yosef Aaron HaLevi, whose love of learning and passion for knowledge was an inspiration to his family and all who had the privilege and pleasure of knowing him.

About Netivot

The name Netivot, “pathways”, was selected to reflect our school’s vital mission, to honor the path of every child. No two people are alike, and no two children acquire skills and internalize information in exactly the same way. To truly nurture a child is to allow their particular pathway to emerge. The Jewish Montessori method fosters an enduring love of learning by drawing on each child’s innate potential, taking into account diverse learning styles, their varied backgrounds and social and emotional profiles. The value of a Jewish Montessori education is unparalleled.

From the standards we set for our faculty to the appearance of our facilities to the manipulative materials we use, there is no better formula for educating Jewish children today.  An investment in Yeshivat Netivot is a commitment to the transformation of Jewish education.

  • Individual and small group instruction in place of traditional frontal teaching to support a variety of learning styles and paces.
  • Freedom of movement within the classroom as part of the academic and social experience.
  • Multi-age classrooms in which veteran students become guides and leaders, while newcomers are welcomed by the veterans.
  • Structured environment combining choice and independence.
  • A nurturing environment in which teachers and students speak kindly and respectfully.
  • Developmentally appropriate materials designed for exploration, repetition and mastery. 
  • Full-time faculty in both Jewish and General Studies so that all disciplines may be pursued throughout the day.
  • An integrated curriculum in which all subjects complement and reflect Torah and Jewish values with an emphasis on excellence in both secular and Judaic studies. 
  • Strong Hebrew language fluency and a love of Eretz Yisrael.