1. Tour

We invite parents who are interested in Netivot to observe in our classrooms and meet with a school representative. We are happy to discuss our philosophy and methodology and answer any questions to help parents make an informed decision about applying to Netivot. To schedule a visit, please request a tour.

Admissions2. Application to the School

ApplicationAfter a parent has visited the school, we will accept an application for admission along with a non-refundable application fee. For a child transferring from another school, we also require records from the previous school, and we may request permission to speak directly with the child’s previous teacher(s). You may apply online.

3a. Classroom Work Session (Primary and Pre-Primary)

When we receive an application for a Primary student, or for a Pre-Primary student applying mid-year, we invite the student to the classroom to work with a teacher one-on-one for approximately 20 minutes. This gives the child an opportunity to be captivated by the classroom materials and the teacher an opportunity to learn something about the child. The teacher then consults briefly with the parent and shares her observations of the child in our environment.

3b. Classroom Interview (Elementary)

It is unusual for a child to transition from a conventional school to a Montessori elementary program. The high level of independence, self-motivation, focus and concentration developed in the early years of a Montessori education can be difficult to achieve in later years. Some children, however, make this transition beautifully, and we do encourage parents to apply if they feel strongly that their children are suited to the Montessori method of education. To help make this determination, we require a more intensive interview process for those considering enrollment at the elementary level. The student spends the majority of a school day in the classroom, working privately with teachers in each subject, completing independent follow-up work, learning how to navigate the classroom, and socializing with peers. After this “working interview,” the teachers share with the parents their assessment of how successful the child is likely to be in our environment.

4. Enrollment Meeting

InterviewBefore a family completes its enrollment at Netivot, the parents are invited to an enrollment meeting with the Head of School. During this meeting, they review the contents of the Netivot Parent Handbook, and the parents are given the opportunity to ask any questions or raise any concerns they may have. At the end of this meeting, an Enrollment Agreement is signed by both parties, and the enrollment process is complete.