Netivot at a Glance

History of the Yeshiva

Yeshivat Netivot Montessori is a Jewish day school dedicated to using Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy to revolutionize contemporary Jewish education. Montessori methodology has been in existence for one hundred years, and in that time span, Montessori schools have proven that they produce well-rounded, self-motivated, academically successful children who retain their love of learning and discovery throughout life. “Follow the child” is the cornerstone of Montessori education, expressing the belief that children will succeed and thrive when their individual learning needs are met in a thoughtful, well-prepared environment with engaging, developmentally appropriate materials. In 2001, ChanaSzenes Mischel and Jennifer Kotzker, visionary mothers in Central New Jersey, set out to create an institution that would offer that experience to Jewish children. In over a decade, Netivot has grown tenfold, from a small group of children to over 145 children.

Mission of the School

Netivot Montessori is an orthodox yeshiva distinguished by a commitment to excellence in both Jewish and General Studies and by the embrace of science, art, literature, and philosophy that we believe is consistent with both Jewish tradition and the Montessori method. Our school currently serves over 145 children, infant through eighth grade. We are very proud to have achieved our ultimate objective of providing Jewish Montessori education through eighth grade, thus completing our mission of a fully integrated Jewish Montessori Early Childhood/Elementary/Middle School program.

Current Student Enrollment

Netivot currently serves 120 children, with students in Pre-Primary (18 months to 3 years), Primary (3-6 years), Lower Elementary (6-9 years), Upper Elementary (9-12 years) and Middle School (12-13 years).


Location in East Brunswick, NJ

Netivot’s student body draws mostly from the communities of Edison, Highland Park and East Brunswick, New Jersey. However, we also have students from Hillside, Elizabeth, Linden, and Monmouth Junction, NJ as well as Woodmere, Long Island.